Reborning is that the art of reworking a silicon doll (either whole doll or kit) into a sensible wanting baby doll. The one that makes this transformation is termed a ‘reborner” or reborn artist. The doll with more realty is popular than others. Once completed the doll is termed a ‘reborn’, ‘reborn doll’, ‘reborn baby”or ‘fake baby’. There are artists everywhere the globe WHO do reborning.


Lottie Dolls

Mothergeek Article – Is This Fashion Doll Anorexic

Mothergeek wrote this thought provoking article. Read more at this link: (more…)
American Girl

Today is my 2nd diaversary. On this day 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It’s a big deal for diabetics. Even the reason I asked Dad to take me to the Benefit Sale was because it was on the weekend of my diaversary! (more…)

Ellie Dolls

I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of Twig and Tale patterns, and as the name suggests this darling pattern company is all about a natural look, with designs that allow for kids to really be free, both comfort wise and with the ability to create tales of adventure and wonder. So far I have made several of their patterns up for my son and daughter, and I just love them! (more…)

Barbie Dolls

Donald Trump, Barack Obama Sing 'I'm A Barbie Girl' In Viral Mashup

 You’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter thanks to this one.


Metoo Dolls

Global Disability and Inclusion for Disabled Children and Young People #IncludeMeTOO Video Campaign.

To celebrate 10 years of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights this campaign is to increase the voices and visibility of disabled children and young people’s rights inclusion and participation in areas which matter to them #IncludeMeTOO     


Is silicone dolls safe for children’s?

Silicone is a future of toys and becoming more popular and trending now days. Silicone is a type of soft rubber which is heat-resistance used in various products like personal care, medicines, adhesives, cookware’s and kitchen utensils, used for chocolate, ice, cookies, muffins and other foods. A type of Silicone foam has been used in North America’s buildings as a fire protection system. Silicone is also an ingredient widely used in skin care, color cosmetic and hair care products. Silicone is biodegrade readily and pervasive.


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